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Zoom Cold and Flu Season Tea Bundle

Cold and Flu Season Tea Bundle

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Be prepared for cold and flu season with the ultimate immune boosting tea duo, ImmuniTea and ClariTea! Save when you buy them together!

Loaded with Vitamin C, trace minerals and immune boosting herbs, ImmuniTea can be enjoyed daily as a preventative health and immunity tonic. Elderberry, Sea Buckthorn Berry, Echinacea and Rosehips among other ingredients, work together to fortify the body's natural defense systems. 

Already battling a cold or cough? ClariTea is designed to be used only while you are having upper respiratory symptoms. With powerful ingredients such as coltsfoot, peppermint, clove and marshmallow root, ClariTea tackles and soothes the symptoms  of colds and coughs, making it easier to breathe.

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